Membership FAQs

ACPA membership lasts for a full year. Membership is renewed on the anniversary of approval of membership of ACPA, or on a date set by the ACPA Board. You will receive notification by email when your membership renewal date is coming up. Renewing your membership can be done easily via the ACPA website.

Members can change their membership category as they progress in the profession from Student to Associate to Full Membership. Subject to eligibility, members can also change to or from Non-Practising Membership, or International Affiliate Membership, in accordance with their circumstances.

There is no charge to change your membership category, but at renewal of membership the new charge will apply.

Members can apply to change their membership category via the ACPA website here (login required). Relevant supporting documents will need to be submitted.

If you need to change your membership category at the time of renewal and you are currently a Student Member, Associate Member or International Affiliate Member, please renew your current membership and then apply to change your membership category. Once approved, your membership change will take effect free of charge. This allows a year of grace at the lower membership rate. If you wish to change your membership category to or from Non-Practising Membership or International Affiliate Membership, please contact the ACPA office.

Welcome back to ACPA! We are delighted you wish to reinstate your ACPA membership. Your support through your membership is much appreciated and enables ACPA to function and represent you and other qualified clinical psychologists. To have your membership reinstated, please contact the ACPA office and we will assist you.

Please contact the ACPA office and we will assist you in reinstating your membership.

There are a number of scenarios in which this may be the case. For example, you were previously a Student Member and you are now eligible for Full Membership, and therefore would like to re-join ACPA as a Full Member.

To have your membership reinstated and the category changed, please contact the ACPA office and we will assist you.

Membership fees are waived for up to twelve months for members undertaking full-time maternity/paternity/parental leave. Please contact the ACPA office to apply for a parental leave waiver.

For information about required supporting documents, please refer to the specific information page for the membership category for which you are applying.

All supporting documents can be submitted online through the membership application process (or renewal process). Simply upload the documents from your device at the relevant step in the process.

If you have trouble submitting documents through the online process, documents can also be emailed to the ACPA office.

We prefer to receive documents electronically, but if you are unable to provide electronic copies of documents, hard copies can be accepted by post. Please email the ACPA office if you would like to submit your documents via post.